"The lasso-twirling, gun-flipping Chris McDaniel proudly shows his familiarity with the Wild West in his portrayal of Buffalo Bill...His "Oklahoma" and "Will Rogers Follies," credits put him ahead of the pack." by Katherine Boas

"Deserving a tip of the 10-gallon hat...Chris McDaniel as Wild West Show proprietor Buffalo Bill Cody...McDaniel's rope tricks are tops." by Debora Shaulis THE VINDICATOR 1/15/2002 Youngstown, OH

"With his genial introductions and rope and gun tricks Chris McDaniel is a crowd-pleasing scene-stealer as impresario Buffalo Bill." by Michael Grossberg THE COLUMBUS DISPATCH 12/6/2001 Columbus, OH

"As Col. William F. Cody (aka Buffalo Bill). McDaniel takes on more than impresario duties; he's a whip-cracking (literally) gun-twirling (and flipping over the shoulders) cowpoke, twirling a real lasso, not the cheaty kind, this way and that and even hopping back and forth through it. (Even Keith Carradine in Will Rogers Follies didn't go to that trouble.)" by Bill Rodrigues THE PROVIDENCE PHOENIX 1/1-7/2002 Providence, RI

"Chris McDaniel as Buffalo Bill...wows with his roping and bull whip tricks." by Lana Sweetened-Shults 4/21/2002 THE TIMES RECORD NEWS Wichita Falls, TX

"Buffalo Bill is played by an accomplished Chris McDaniel, whose credits include a "One Man Wild West Show," and "Will Rogers Follies." His rope tricks, bull whip sequence, and gun twirling are a big treat, and his bearded good looks add to the character as well." by Ann Walter 1/31/2002 SUN CHRONICLE Attleboro, MA".